what we can offer


Partnership With Parents

GamFam are able to offer free of charge Partnership with Parents presentations or more informal smaller workshop-style sessions.  We are happy to tailor our programmes to suit your needs and can offer a bespoke service based on your requirements.

We want to change perception about online gaming and gambling and to provide families with effective strategies to support their child


Early Years and Preparing for 18

  • Early Years - for families of children in Key Stage 2 and 3 (Up to Year 8).  This programme focuses on helping families recognise the early warning signs associated with an online gaming addiction and to offer practical supportive and preventative measures to protect a child from developing a gambling addiction.
  • Preparing for 18 - for families of children at Key Stage 4 (Up to Year 11) and Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13).  This builds on the early years programme but with an additional focus on the dangers of underage gambling and offers further strategies for parents/carers when their son/daughter turns 18.


Off To University and Over 18

  • Off To University - for families of  young adults who may be 'off to university' within the next year or two.  Tens of thousands of students each year are using their loans to gamble  in a bid to top up their funds, with many ending up in debt as much as  £5,000 or more.  This builds on the younger years programmes but with a particular focus on the  issues and financial implications faced when turning 18 and potentially living away from home. 
  • Over 18 - for families of those young adults who are at risk or have developed a compulsive gambling disorder.  It is crucial that families have strategies to put the barriers in place to support both the gambler and themselves and where to get help