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How my son went from gamer to compulsive gambler


BBC report highlighting the links between online gaming and online gambling

The Telegraph explores the amount of money spent on loot boxes


British children spending £270m a year on mobile game ‘loot boxes' and in-app purchases

GamFam Chief Executive interviewed on Talk Radio


Go to the fourth 30 minute section and listen from 6 minutes 40 seconds and hear the interview with the GamFam CEO on the Alexis Conran show

Inquest to consider state's role in gambling addict's suicide


The government could be held liable for a gambling addict's suicide after a coroner ruled that his inquest could consider whether the state failed in its duty to protect him.

MPs call for loot boxes to be banned for children


In-game spending should be regulated by gambling laws and so-called loot boxes banned entirely for children, MPs say.

Listen to our trustee Carolyn Harris MP discuss the issue of loot boxes


Gaming companies should be subject to the polluter pays principle if they are encouraging young people to gamble.


Prince Harry speaks out


Prince Harry says that the game Fortnite was 'created to addict'.

FOBT bookmakers accused of cheating


New high-stakes games pop up after the government reduce stakes from £100 to £2  

Gambling firms adverts banned


Watchdog finds 23 ads from five firms were shown to avatars that mimicked the browsing behaviour of under-18s 

Loot Boxes


George Proud from County Durham, a keen online gamer, spent nearly £700 in a month opening loot boxes as he progressed through a game. 

A study - gambling addiction


 A gambling addiction is a progressive addiction that can have many negative psychological, physical, and social repercussions. 

Ladbrokes offer payment


Ladbrokes wooed problem gambler - then paid victims £1m.  The bookmaker agreed to payments in return for a pledge not to inform watchdog.