• To help families recognise the early warning signs associated with an online gaming addiction and how this could potentially lead to a child developing a compulsive gambling disorder
  • To ensure families have the knowledge and understanding to put in place supportive and preventative strategies before the lure of gambling sets in
  • To be a ‘one-stop shop’ for families to offer practical advice, guidance and support and to provide links to the services that  are available
  • To deliver educational programmes to both children and their families at schools, clubs, colleges, universities and beyond to  offer an ‘early intervention through education’ approach.


Trustee for GamFam and Chair of the APPG for Gambling Related Harm

I have recently given my support to GamFam, a new gambling charity set up by the parents of a recovering  compulsive gambler to offer support and advice to other families facing  the same situation. 

Knowing first hand, the signs to  look out for and the avenues of help that are available makes GamFam  such a unique and valuable source for other parents facing the  overwhelming fear and confusion that comes with having  a child gripped by addiction.

Addiction can change a person into  someone who becomes withdrawn, deceitful or abusive.  It can shatter  relationships and destroy families.  GamFam aims to offer much needed  support and to signpost families to the help they  desperately need.

It is wonderful to see people using their own difficult experiences in a positive way and I am so proud to be a part of it.

Caroyln Harris: Member of Parliament for Swansea East and Shadow Minister (Home Office & Women and Equalities)


About GamFam ...

We are parents of a recovering compulsive gambler.  If only we knew then what we know now I am sure our family would not have suffered so much.  We want to help parents and families recognise the early warning signs that are out there and learn from the mistakes we made. 


Recognising the signs ...


Simulated gambling games are more popular than ever. 

Children are able to experience the thrill of gambling  through online gaming without winning or losing real money.  

A recent report found that children who enjoyed the risk of simulated gambling games were more likely to gamble later on in life.


Help is out there ...

If parents are able to spot the early warning signs then there a series of preventative measures that can be put in place to help minimise the potential risk of a young person developing a compulsive gambling disorder.

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